Graduation thesis and final works

Graduation thesis and final works

Graduation final works

In vitro susceptibility to antifungals of isolates of Scopulariopsis sp. from onychomycosis

Estudiante: Natalia Barrantes Ortiz, Año: 2018

Possible origin and genomic diversity of Clostridium difficile NAP1 / RT027 strains isolated in Costa Rican hospitals.

Estudiante: Andony Alexis Cordero Jiménez, Año: 2018

Ex vivo infection by Brucella abortus of three lines of trophoblasts as non-professional phagocytic cell models

Estudiante: Carolina Arias Jiménez, Año: 2018

Exploratory study on inhibition / activation receptors in T lymphocytes and NK cells in patients infected with dengue virus.

Estudiante: Caterine Saborío Navarro, Año: 2018

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of clinical isolates of the Cryptococcus neoformans / Cryptococcus gattii complex

Estudiante: Cristian Mata Delgado, Año: 2018

Inhibition of flavivirus replication by adamantanes: evidence of the possible presence of viroporins.

Estudiante: Dihalá Yasani Picado Soto, Año: 2018

Production of toxins A and B from different strains of Clostridium difficile exposed to aerobic growth conditions.

Estudiante: Franky Juliana Hernández Rojas, Año: 2018

Determination of the in vitro interaction of the combination of itraconazole and ciclopirox on isolates of Aspergillus versicolor from onychomycosis

Estudiante: Isabella Vargas Ovalle, Año: 2018

In vitro effect of environmental isolates of Acanthamoeba, genotypes T4 and T5, on erythrocytes and platelets of human origin

Estudiante: Johan Andrey Alvarado Ocampo, Año: 2018

Functional characterization of a potential enzyme involved in multiresistance to antibiotics encoded by a new mobile element of Clostridium difficile

Estudiante: María Fernanda Ulate Ulate, Año: 2018

Intracellular detection of Clostridium difficile toxins and their interaction with the TcdE protein in the NAP1 genotype

Estudiante: María Gabriela Jiménez Hurtado, Año: 2018

Evaluation of the viability of thermal reprocessing for the microbiological decontamination of food balanced for birds and flours of animal origin used in animal feed in Costa Rica.

Estudiante: Marianela Arrieta González, Año: 2018


Interaction of Brucella sp. with serum proteins from the host

Estudiante: Gabriela González Espinoza, Año: 2018

Biochemical, molecular identification and susceptibility to itraconazole of Costa Rican clinical isolates

Estudiante: Stefany Lozada Alvarado, Año: 2018

Contribution of toxin-free supernatant in the pathogenesis of infections caused by strains

Estudiante: María Carolina Castro Peña, Año: 2018

Muscle regeneration in a murine model of gas gangrene induced with sublethal inoculum.

Estudiante: Mariel Zúñiga Pereira, Año: 2018

Bioavailability of tetracyclines and analysis of bacterial resistance to these antibiotics

Estudiante: Fabio Granados Chinchilla, Año: 2017

Characterization of the interaction of the regulatory region of omp25, virb, vjbr and amp160 and the BvrR / BvrS two-component system of Brucella abortus 2308 Wisconsin

Estudiante: Amanda Castillo Zeledón, Año: 2017

Intracellular stimuli at early times of Brucella abortus infection that activates thel two-component bacterial system BvrR/BvrS

Estudiante: MESA TORRES JAZMÍN , Año: 2016

Analysis of the impact of mobile genetic elements from the accessory genome and mutations from the core genome in the microdiversification of the Clostridium difficile NAP CR1 strain


Impact of bioaugmentation and the use of antimicrobial compounds on a pesticide biopurification system for carbofuran degradation

Estudiante: Víctor Castro Gutiérrez , Año: 2016

Effect of chitosan nanoparticles coated with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) as systems for transport and release of imipenem on the multiplication of Pseudomonas aeruginosa AG1 resistant to carbapenem

Estudiante: PORRAS GÓMEZ MARILYN , Año: 2016

Panel of glycosylated GTPases by Clostridium difficile TcdB and its relationship with the pathogenic potential of different strains

Estudiante: LÓPEZ UREÑA DIANA, Año: 2016

Development of an antivenom prepared in hens against the venom of the Oxyuranus scutellatus snake and its comparison with a similar formulation prepared with equine immunoglobulins

Estudiante: NAVARRO ARIAS DIEGO , Año: 2016


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