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Bioinformatics is an integrating field for the study of medical-biological phenomena using large amounts of data, which requires mathematical-computational strategies for data processing and the extraction of relevant information. This field of study has been enhanced with the development of high-throughput molecular technologies, which implies a complex capacity for data analysis and casuistic approaches, that is, that particular analyzes are required for specific data and contexts.

In Costa Rica and from CIET, this research line has focused on the analysis of DNA sequencing data, transcriptomic analysis, molecular networks (systems biology) and molecular complexity, artificial intelligence processing, and in general the detection of molecular and/or phenotypic patterns in different medical-biological settings.

To this end, the main interest is the development of the best bioinformatic practices that provide a valid interpretation for the context under study, in which standardized protocols are implemented and evaluated. This has allowed the study of diseases such as cancer, metabolic diseases and pathogenic microorganisms.

Lines of research

Sequence Bioinformatics

Artificial Intelligence

Systems Biology

Molecular Complexity