Graduation thesis and final works

In vitro susceptibility to antifungals of isolates of Scopulariopsis sp. from onychomycosis

Estudiante: Natalia Barrantes Ortiz, Año: 2018

Interaction of Brucella sp. with serum proteins from the host

Estudiante: Gabriela González Espinoza, Año: 2018

Biochemical, molecular identification and susceptibility to itraconazole of Costa Rican clinical isolates

Estudiante: Stefany Lozada Alvarado, Año: 2018

Contribution of toxin-free supernatant in the pathogenesis of infections caused by strains

Estudiante: María Carolina Castro Peña, Año: 2018

Muscle regeneration in a murine model of gas gangrene induced with sublethal inoculum.

Estudiante: Mariel Zúñiga Pereira, Año: 2018

Possible origin and genomic diversity of Clostridium difficile NAP1 / RT027 strains isolated in Costa Rican hospitals.

Estudiante: Andony Alexis Cordero Jiménez, Año: 2018

Ex vivo infection by Brucella abortus of three lines of trophoblasts as non-professional phagocytic cell models

Estudiante: Carolina Arias Jiménez, Año: 2018

Exploratory study on inhibition / activation receptors in T lymphocytes and NK cells in patients infected with dengue virus.

Estudiante: Caterine Saborío Navarro, Año: 2018

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of clinical isolates of the Cryptococcus neoformans / Cryptococcus gattii complex

Estudiante: Cristian Mata Delgado, Año: 2018

Inhibition of flavivirus replication by adamantanes: evidence of the possible presence of viroporins.

Estudiante: Dihalá Yasani Picado Soto, Año: 2018

Production of toxins A and B from different strains of Clostridium difficile exposed to aerobic growth conditions.

Estudiante: Franky Juliana Hernández Rojas, Año: 2018

Determination of the in vitro interaction of the combination of itraconazole and ciclopirox on isolates of Aspergillus versicolor from onychomycosis

Estudiante: Isabella Vargas Ovalle, Año: 2018