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Elizabeth Abrahams Sandí
Research Areas
  • Epidemiology of free-living amoebae in Costa Rica
  • Description of the cytopathic effect of Acanthamoeba over Vero and MDCK cels: in vitro studies
  • Natural oils and antifungals for the treatment of free-living amoebae
About research

The investigation line encompasses the study of free-living amoebae as potentially pathogenic agents for human beings. Studies are carried out for their isolation and identification, and factors associated to pathogenicity are determined through the physiological and molecular characterization of these agents. Also, the use of synthetic and natural compounds against the cystic and vegetative forms is evaluated. The objective of the different investigation lines in this area is to identify pathogenic mechanisms and therapeutic alternatives for free-living amoebae.

Academic background

Degree: Degree Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry

University: University of Costa Rica

Country: Costa Rica

Year: 1991

Degree: Specialization in Parasitology

University: University of Costa Rica

Country: Costa Rica

Year: 1996

Degree: Biology Diploma

University: Tropical Medicine Institute

Country: Germany

Year: 1998

Degree: Doctorate in Natural Sciences

University: Tropical Medicine Institute

Country: Germany

Year: 1998

Contact info
Phone: 2511 8586
Elizabeth Abrahams

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