Lines of research

Medical Protozoology


The Medical Protozoology section studies the epidemiology, biology and pathogenic mechanisms of protozoan parasites. The investigations are carried out in animal models and in cell cultures in the so-called "in vitro" models, allowing the study of the host-parasite interaction. The group of researchers consists of Monica Prado-Porras, Elizabeth Abrahams-Sandí, Lissette Retana-Moreira, Stefany Lozada-Alvarado and Alfredo Castro-Castillo. Research interests include the study of the effectiveness of natural and synthetic components on Plasmodium and the interaction of the parasite with the cell machinery of the host cell; determination of pathogenic mechanisms of Acanthamoeba on cell cultures and efficacy of antifungals and natural products on free-living amoebas; isolation of exovesicles and determination of their role in the host / parasite relationship. Since 2017, there is also a research unit in Plasmodium, which is attached to CIET. The section trains undergraduate and graduate students in the area of ​​protozoology research, using molecular techniques, microscopy and cell biology available in our research centers. All its members are part of the faculty of the Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry major taught at the University of Costa Rica.

Lines of research

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