Lines of research

Tumor Chemosensitivity Laboratory


The LQT focuses its research around various topics in cell biology and cancer immunology and flavirus virology.

One of the fundamental questions is the identification of strategies to personalize the therapy or identify therapeutic targets to overcome the resistance to the therapies. In cancer, the research lines involve the development of sphingolipid-based sensors and autophagic pathways to predict the response to chemotherapy in individual cells and find synergistic therapeutic targets to enhance subrutins of cell death and increase the immunogenicity of cell death induced by therapy.

Among the possible targets, we studied mechanisms of DNA repair, gene regulation pathways by miRNAs and the regulation of the tumor microenvironment supported by genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology tools.

In addition to the development of molecular sensors for the experimental validation of our in silico hypotheses. Some of the sensors that we developed have allowed us to study several simultaneous phenomena such as viral replication, induction of cell death and activation of intracellular pathways.

Lines of research

Cancer Biology

Cellular biology of Dengue and Zika infection

Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair

Inmunology of cancer

Systems Biology